We are a small rabbitry located in Lakewood, CO, selling show and pet quality, purebred, Holland Lop rabbits.  We are relatively new to raising rabbits, so are constantly researching, analyzing, improving, and culling. 


Much thought, research, love, and money has gone into this business.  We want to do things right and raise the best quality Holland Lops possible.  The money we receive for the babies goes back to the rabbitry - we do not make money doing this; we do it, because we love our bunnies!

The best typed Holland Lops will be kept for our rabbitry to improve the breed. 

My does are only bred twice per year.  I want my Hollands to be as healthy and happy as possible and, as a result, produce kits that are as healthy and happy as possible.  I have a rotating breeding schedule, so I can almost always have kits in the nestbox, without putting undue stress on the mamas.


Our Holland Lop herd comes only from reputable rabbitries; to produce high quality, one must start with the best herd possible.  We are deeply grateful to the breeders who took the time to guide us.  Their willingness to share their knowledge and genuine desire for our success will never be forgotten and will always be paid forward.

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