Holland Lops For Sale - As of 6/15, 2014, we have the following Holland Lops for sale at our rabbitry in Lakewood, CO:




For those who would rather pay by credit card, than cash, you can now pay through PayPal.  Please send payments to Mia@MiaMerrigan.com and choose the "send money to family and friends" option, so that your payment can include the 4% fee.  You can choose the other option, however, you will need to pay the fee back to me in cash at the time of pick-up.  A 50% deposit must be made to HOLD a holland lop.  If a Holland Lop is $99 or less, payment must be made in full or it is considered to still be available.

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Lots of Holland Lop babies in the nestbox!  The colors range from lilac to blue to frosty to chocolate and some fun otters mixed in the bunch.  A couple babies will be weaned in time for Easter (see the Nestbox page).  Keep checking back =)  I am producing lots of chocolates and lilacs, but I can't keep them all.  Once they turn twelve weeks, I will be evaluating each one and deciding which ones will be available.  Once that's been determined, I will post available lilac and chocolate Holland Lops on this For Sale page.  Keep in mind, 90% of all of my babies will be lilac carriers!

**I have made the difficult decision to concentrate only on chocolates, lilacs, sable points, frosties, and chinchillas. So, any bunny who does not have the potential to produce those colors will be for sale at a huge loss to me, both emotionally and monetarily.  Bunnies featured below are ready for new homes now!  The siamese sable, Fudgesicle, has chocolate in his lines, but my other bucks carry lilac, so I must let him go.  I am grateful I am finding such great new homes for them!  Looks like all my does produce lilac and/or chocolate, so they'll all stay with me at least for another nine months or so.  These five bucks are proven young seniors (around 1 year old) and are $50.  From left to right: Blue otter, siamese sable, opal, blue-eyed white, and black tort.  These boys are more beautiful in person.

All SOLD!  More chocolates will be available soon!

Hyacinth's litter was born 4/1.  All SOLD!

Hyacinth's Nestbox

Born 4/3 - All SOLD!

Reese's Nestbox

Penny's Nestbox

Rewards' Penny had six healthy kits, 4/11.  All SOLD!

Swan Valley's Lily had her babies on 4/10 - All SOLD!

Lily's Nestbox


I am very excited about this litter that was born on 4/5; All SOLD!

Moody Blues' Nestbox