Baby Holland Lops - Updated 1/30/2015

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Both of these beautiful and rare colored babies are available for $75 each - lilac buck and broken lilac doe. (Campo's Chocolate Drop, chocolate x Mama Mia's Pixie Dust, broken lilac) 


Once a nestbox baby turns six weeks old, they are evaluated, priced accordingly and moved to the "For Sale" page. At that time, a deposit can be made to hold the baby(ies) of your choice. PayPal option is now available. Fifty percent deposits or payments in full can be made to Mia@MiaMerrigan.com. Please choose the "Sending money to friends or family" option! These Holland Lop babies are being offered by Mama Mia's Hollands in Lakewood, CO.   To HOLD a bunny, 50% non-refundable deposit must be made.  If a bunny is $99 or less, payment must be made in full.  The remaining balance must be paid in cash at the time of pick-up.

I've Got Lilacs For Sale!  Please Check For Sale Page!

I will have sable point, frosty, chinchilla, and lilac Holland lop bunnies available soon.  Keep checking back!  Please understand, we strive to constantly improve our rabbitry's type, so tend to keep the best typed, depending on cage space.

Pixie Dust's Nestbox DOB 12/9/2014

(Pic of lilac buck taken 1/24/2015)



​Campo's Emmitt, sable point x Bloink's Pretty Princess, frosty DUE: 2/10/2015

Wren's Abe, broken cream x Lomar's Blue Belle, blue otter DUE: 2/21/2015

Only one left!!!  I have one adorable lilac buck available for $75.  (Campo's Chocolate Drop, chocolate x Swan Valley's Lily, lilac otter)

Lily's Nestbox DOB 12/7/2014

Pics taken 12/31/2014)

Bloink's Elsa only had two survivors out of five on 12/24/2014.  They have opened their eyes to reveal that I have one beautiful Ruby-Eyed White (REW) buck - my first!  Looks like the sweet Sable Point is a doe (keeping)!  They are exploring life outside of the nestbox and are looking very nice.  (Campo's Emmitt, sable point x Bloink's Elsa, broken frosty)

Elsa's Nestbox DOB 12/24/2014

Pics taken 1/24/2015

Sugar Lump's Nestbox DOB 1/8/2015

​Pics taken 1/24/2015

Campo's Sugar Lump has pleasantly surprised me by keeping her two little chinchillas and Moody Blues' broken blue tort alive.  Their eyes are open and they are running around the cage.  They are adorable!  (Bloink's Kristoff, chinchilla x Campo's Sugar Lump, frosty)

Moody Blues' Nestbox DOB 1/9/2015

Lomar's Moody Blues' only surviving kit, the broken blue tort, is being fostered by Sugar Lump.  It is so cute!  I hope it survives!   (DTL's Reece, chocolate tort x Lomar's Moody Blues, broken blue)

Sweet Pea's Nestbox DOB 1/22/2015

Pics taken 1/30/2015

Campo's Sweet Pea kindled four kits on the wire with only two survivors - a frosty and broken sable point.  Every time I checked on them, their bellies were empty, so I am having Hyacinth foster them.  I hope it works!  (Campo's Olaf, frosty x Campo's Sweet Pea, broken sable point)

Hyacinth kindled four kits today!  Looks like two broken blues, one cream and one blue!  I gave her Sweet Pea's kits to foster.  These babies are doing great - I saved a couple that crawled away and almost froze to death; luckily I warmed them up in time!  (Wren's Abe, broken cream x Lop Lover's Hyacinth, blue)

Hyacinth's Nestbox DOB 1/24/2015

Pics taken 1/30/2015