Baby Holland Lops - Updated 6/15/2014

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One lilac doe remaining (keeping) - I sold her lilac sister (Campo's Chocolate Drop, solid chocolate lilac carrier x Hunter's Greta, solid chocolate lilac carrier).  The little blue one has sold, as well!   

Beautiful chocolates are eight weeks old now (DOB 3/9).  All are sold! (Campo's Chocolate Drop, solid chocolate lilac carrier x Hunter's Greta, solid chocolate lilac carrier).  Her eyes are brown - the red tint is from the camera flash.  Her is $100 without pedigree, $150 with pedigree. 

Hyacinth's litter was born 4/1.  She has a lilac doe who I think is already showing a lot of promise, as far as type.  I'm very excited!  Also, the two black otters have nice big heads already - they almost look out of balance.  Looks like her two blue kits look like bucks and are full of personality - they always greet me when I come to the cage and love to be held.  The two blues will be ready for new homes weekend of May 17th. (Honeyville's Periwinkle, solid blue lilac carrier x Lop Lover's Hyacinth, solid blue lilac carrier)

Born 4/3 - One black otter buck, one black otter doe, one chocolate otter buck and two chocolate tort does (Honeyville's Hershey, solid chocolate lilac carrier x Meadowbrook's Reese, chocolate tort otter).  This litter is full of cuddle bugs - I love this litter and will be repeating this breeding!  They will all be available to go home May 17th.

I am very excited about this litter that was born on 4/5; Looks like one lilac doe (keeping), blue otter doe (watching), broken blue doe (keeping), squirrel buck (keeping), one smoke pearl buck (keeping), one blue doe (watching).   (Honeyville's Periwinkle, solid blue lilac carrier x Lomar's Moody Blues, broken blue lilac carrier) 

Rewards' Penny had six healthy kits, 4/11.  Two broken chocolate otters, one broken chocolate, one broken lilac (fostered by Clara - keeping), one solid chocolate otter, and one solid chocolate.  They all are doing great.  (Honeyville's Hershey, solid chocolate lilac carrier x Rewards' Penelope "Penny", broken chocolate otter).  All are does!  I'll be keeping the broken lilac.  All the others are $100 without pedigree, $150 with pedigree - all will carry lilac!

Swan Valley's Lily had her babies on 4/10 - looks like three chocolate otters, one solid chocolate and two solid lilacs (keeping)!  These babies are very sweet and doing great!  I'm so happy!  (Honeyville's Hersey, solid chocolate lilac carrier x Swan Valley's Lily, lilac otter).  I need to check genders...

Campo's Clara had her babies on 4/13.  Looks like one chocolate cream doe (she is a gorgeous caramel color - I'm keeping her for sure) and one broken chocolate buck ON HOLD(Honeyville's Hershey, solid chocolate lilac carrier x Campo's Clara, broken chocolate cream).  Clara is fostering a broken lilac from Penny's litter and a tiny solid lilac of Campo's Special Dark Chocolate and Honeyville's Hershey (keeping).  All are such loves!  The broken chocolate buck will be the only one available from this litter.


Once a nestbox baby turns six weeks old, they are evaluated, priced accordingly and moved to the "For Sale" page. At that time, a deposit can be made to hold the baby(ies) of your choice. PayPal option is now available. Fifty percent deposits or payments in full can be made to Mia@MiaMerrigan.com. Please choose the "Sending money to friends or family" option! These Holland Lop babies are being offered by Mama Mia's Hollands in Lakewood, CO.   To HOLD a bunny, 50% non-refundable deposit must be made.  If a bunny is $99 or less, payment must be made in full.

Nextboxes Full of Chocolates, Lilacs and Chocolate and Lilac Carrying Holland Lop Babies!

I will have sable points, frosties, chinchillas, and lilacs available this Winter.  Keep checking back!

Lily's Nestbox - All Sold!

Moody Blues' Nestbox

All Sold!

Reese's Nestbox - All Sold!

Hyacinth's Nestbox - All Sold!

Pillow's/Greta's Nestbox - Keeping

Greta's Nestbox - All Babies Are Sold!

Clara's Nestbox - All Sold!

Penny's Nestbox - All Sold!

Swan Valley's Lily had her babies on 4/10 - Three chocolate otters and one solid chocolate!  They are all heavy lilac carriers, are $100 without pedigree, $150 with pedigree, and ready to go home the weekend of 5/24.  (Honeyville's Hersey, solid chocolate lilac carrier x Swan Valley's Lily, lilac otter).  I need to check genders...

Lily's Nestbox - All Sold!