Winter 4/21/16

Love 5/21/16

Not for Sale - Mama Mia's Cannon Ball is only 15 weeks old and is looking better and better!  He's starting to get a nice crown on him, too.  He's tattooed and ready for the show table!  (Lomar's Lorenzo, sable point x Lomar's Felicity, black tort)

Felicity 2/5/2016

The broken black doe is AVAILABLE for $75 and she is such a sweetheart!  The broken chocolate buck is SOLD.  They'll be ready to go to new homes in 3-4 weeks.  (Luv Lops' Hank, broken chocolate x Dream Bunnies' June, black)

June 4/20/16


​Lomar's Rory, broken sable point x Campo's Bugaboo, lilac DUE DATE 6/1/16 - expecting black, chocolate, siamese sable, seal, blue, lilac (and broken varieties)

Mama Mia's Cascade, broken sable point x Lomar's Lorenzo, sable point DUE DATE 6/1/16 - expecting sable points, torts, pointed whites (and broken varieties)

Mama Mia's Flip Flop, broken sable point x Mama Mia's Pip Squeak, chinchilla DUE DATE 6/1/16 - expecting chinchillas, black silver martens, chestnuts, siamese sable, seal (and broken varieties)

Lomar's Brat, broken sable point x Luv Lops' Gideon, chestnut DUE DATE 6/1/16 - expecting chestnuts, oranges, reds, black, black otters, chinchillas, siamese sable, seals (and broken varieties)

Campo's Sweet Pea, broken sable point x Mama Mia's Pip Squeak, chinchilla DUE DATE 6/4/16 - expecting chinchillas, black silver martens, chestnuts, siamese sable, seal (and broken varieties)

Lil Bit Farms' Domino, black tort x Lomar's Lorenzo, sable point DUE DATE 6/16/16 - expecting sable points, black torts and pointed whites (we'll be watching this entire litter)

Lomar's Daphne, smoke pearl x Campo's Bugaboo, lilac DUE DATE 6/16/16 - expecting blues, lilacs and smoke pearls

We have baby holland lops for sale!  Also, see "Expected Litters" at the bottom of this page.  We've bred our chocolates and lilacs - due soon!  We really want some nice typed chocolates and lilacs to add to our breeding program, so we're anxiously awaiting these litters...

​Wondering what supplies you'll need or how to litterbox train?  Ask for a free copy of our Bunny Care Guide!

Prices range from $50-$100 for pet quality and $75-$150 for brood or show quality.  Price depends on quality and rarity of color (chocolates and lilacs will always start at $75).  Pet quality rabbits do not include a pedigree, as they have been determined to not be suitable (type-wise) for breeding.

Once a nestbox baby turns six weeks old, they are evaluated to determine pet or show quality (not all babies will be available). PayPal option is now available. These Holland Lop babies are for sale by Mama Mia's Hollands in Lakewood, CO.  Payments must be made in full to reserve a bunny.  ​No checks accepted.

We pride ourselves on being a very small rabbitry and giving individual attention and socialization to each baby, ensuring the smoothest transition to their new homes as possible.

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Holland Lop Babies For Sale - Updated 5/26/2016 (Be sure to refresh this page for latest info!)

Campo's Love had six kits!  Three chocolates, one lilac, one broken chocolate, and one broken lilac!   We fostered two chocolates and the solid lilac to Campo's Pooh Bear to give them a better chance of growing up strong.  (Luv Lops' Hank, broken chocolate x Campo's Love, chocolate)

Elsa 4/19/16

Mama Mia's Winter has three sweet red-eyed whites!  All three of these babies are $20 each!  Ready for new homes in 3-4 weeks.  (Mama Mia's Pip Squeak, chinchilla x Mama Mia's Winter, frosty)


Four weeks old!   Chinchilla buck is SOLD!  Keeping the frosty buck.  (Mama Mia's Pip Squeak, chinchilla x Bloink's Elsa, broken frosty)