SOLD!  Gone to new home.  (Lomar's Lorenzo, sable point x Bloink's Pretty Princess, frosty)

Cuddles 7/8/16

Elsa 7/27/16

Talk about a tiny thing!  Turning six weeks old this Wednesday and is such a beauty!  SOLD!  (Mama Mia's Pip Squeak, chinchilla x Bloink's Elsa, frosty)

Only two does of our herd are remaining!   Please see "The Herd" page.  Of the babies, only one tiny frosty doe will be available in mid-September.  THANK YOU!

Pretty Princess 6/29/16

Domino 7/17/16

Doll Face 7/30/16

Both SOLD and gone to their new homes!  (Mama Mia's Pip Squeak, chinchilla x Mama Mia's Cuddles, sable point)

We have baby holland lops for sale!

​Wondering what supplies you'll need or how to litterbox train?  Ask for a free copy of our Bunny Care Guide!

We apologize for not being able to get back to everyone on their inquiries!  We've been so overwhelmed by all the calls, e-mails, texts, and private messages that we've been unable to get to everyone.  Please take a look below at the babies and make note of their availability and price (if determined).  THANK YOU!!!

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Holland Lop Babies For Sale - Updated 9/7/2016 (Be sure to refresh this page for latest info!)

All SOLD!  (From left to right: Doe #1 Pics 1 and 2, Buck Pics 3 and 4, and Doe #2 Pics 5 and 6.)  (Lomar's Lorenzo, sable point x Lil' Bit Farms Domino, black tort)

This little black otter buck is five weeks old and is SOLD!  (Lomar's Lorenzo, sable point x Campo's Doll Face, chocolate otter)