Baby Holland Lops - Updated 10/23/2014

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Lop Lover's Hyacinth had one blue tort buck and one solid blue doe on September 30, 2014.  Blue tort buck on HOLD.  Blue doe AVAILABLE - $50.  (Mama Mia's Oliver, lilac buck x Lop Lover's Hyacinth, blue)


Once a nestbox baby turns six weeks old, they are evaluated, priced accordingly and moved to the "For Sale" page. At that time, a deposit can be made to hold the baby(ies) of your choice. PayPal option is now available. Fifty percent deposits or payments in full can be made to Mia@MiaMerrigan.com. Please choose the "Sending money to friends or family" option! These Holland Lop babies are being offered by Mama Mia's Hollands in Lakewood, CO.   To HOLD a bunny, 50% non-refundable deposit must be made.  If a bunny is $99 or less, payment must be made in full.  The remaining balance must be paid in cash at the time of pick-up.

We Have Holland Lop Babies!

I will have sable point, frosty, chinchilla, and lilac Holland lop bunnies available soon.  Keep checking back!  Please understand, we strive to improve our rabbitry's type, so tend to keep the best, depending on space.

Hyacinth's Nestbox DOB 9/30/2014



Campo's Bob, chinchilla x Campo's Sugar Lump, frosty due 10/31/2014

Campo's Chocolate Drop, chocolate x Campo's Lucy, broken chocolate due 10/31/2014

Campo's Olaf, frosty x Lomar's Brat, broken sable point due 10/31/2014

Campo's Olaf, frosty x Bloink's Anna, chinchilla due 11/6/2014

Honeyville's Fred, chocolate otter x Lomar's Blue Belle, blue otter due 11/6/2014

Campo's Chocolate Drop, chocolate x Mama Mia's Pixie Dust, broken lilac due 11/6/2014

Campo's Chocolate Drop, chocolate x Reward's Penelope, broken chocolate otter due 11/17/2014

Campo's Emmitt, sable point x Bloink's Elsa, broken frosty due 11/22/2014


Meadowbrook's Reece had a surprise litter of one black otter (available), one chocolate and one peanut that did not survive.  I didn't think this breeding took!  This pair produces nice babies, so it's very exciting.  Reece is fostering a frosty that was born the same day by Bloink's Elsa.  Elsa had one frosty (watching) and two peanuts that have since passed away.  (Campo's Chocolate Drop, chocolate x Meadowbrook's Reece, chocolate tort otter) and (Campo's Olaf, frosty x Bloink's Elsa, broken frosty)  Photos coming soon...

Reece/Elsa's Nestbox DOB 10/21/2014